ATEX Group supplies the market with the wide range of mining (explosion-proof), drilling, metallurgical and hydraulic equipment, pumps. We deal with well-known suppliers such as Koexpro Ostrava A.S., Bosch Rexroth, Seetech GmbH, Hamacher GmbH, Chicago Pneumatic and many other world’s top manufactures of industrial equipment.

For all questions concerning sales and delivery please contact our sales department.

tel.: +7 (3843) 910-425, +7 (961) 864-0003


Mining equipment
Reliable and cost-effective mining equipment that will meet your demands.

Construction equipment
Reliable and cost-effective construction equipment that will meet your demands.

Metallurgical equipment
Reliable and cost-effective metallurgical equipment that will meet your demands.

Air purification systems
Reliable and cost-effective air purification systems that will meet your demands.

Waste disposal equipment
ATEX Group can provide you with waste disposal equipment.

Bosch Rexroth products
ATEX Group is official Bosch Rexroth dealer in the Siberian Federal District. So we can supply our customers with tailored solutions for different industries.