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ATEX Group supplies the market with the wide range of certificated industrial equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. It also produces, maintains and provides a high-quality repair of industrial equipment of any complexity.

To maintain a competitive advantage and the required dynamics of development modern high-tech industry should come complete with high-quality up-to-date equipment. To solve these problems a company needs a reliable business partner who can deliver, maintain and provide just-in-time repair of the industrial equipment without interrupting production. Such a partner might be Atex Group for you!

ATEX group is a powerful and efficient company that can perform difficult tasks of modernization and adjustments of production of any industrial enterprise.

ATEX Group is:

  • Yutex Gmbh company which makes deliveries of industrial equipment from Europe, China and the United States. Competent organization and operation of logistic chains, strong partnerships ensure fast customs clearance and delivery of the required goods and branded accessories in due time at lowest costs;
  • Trading and Industrial Company ATEX provides uninterrupted supply of industrial equipment and original spare parts directly to our customers in Russia. Atex has warehouses as well as consignment stocks. It enables us to meet customer needs quickly;
  • Service and Industrial Company ATEX provides high-quality repair, maintenance and modernization of production equipment in time.

The companies of ATEX Group interact with each other, our experts are able to perform difficult tasks in different areas of industrial production providing our customers with world class service. We are constantly monitoring market, looking for up-and-coming producers of high quality industrial equipment and working on consolidation of goods delivery. This is the way we are developing to meet customer’s demands.

ATEX Group offers the following services for its customers:

  • Supply of certificated metallurgical and mining equipment from Russia, China, the U.S.A. and European countries in the shortest possible time;
  • Professional and prompt service (after-sales service and post-warranty maintenance) and repair of the industrial equipment using original spare parts and accessories;
  • As an authorized dealer of Russian and foreign leading manufacturers of industrial equipment, we are able to make deliveries at very competitive prices;
  • Becoming a partner of ATEX group, you choose progressive growth and ongoing development of your production, remain competitive and improve the prospects for further development!